Because refreshing all day is self-destructive

Even though it’s hard to avoid in times like these.

Even though I do it for the same reason I try to watch scary movies to the end — because I want to find out that everything turns out okay.

Even though I know that last sentiment is impossible. Because this isn’t a movie. Because the bad guys don’t always stumble when we want them to. Because we aren’t actors who get up at the end of a death scene, walk away, and go home to the people we love.

I’m not going to pontificate about all the world’s evil. It’s nothing you haven’t already heard or aren’t already thinking. And you’ve probably already poisoned yourself enough.

So instead, here are a list of “happy” news websites. I’ve written about them before, but some things are worth repeating. And if you’re going to get lost in something, get lost in something that comes with a side of hope.

1. The Good News Network

2. The Daily Good

3. Sunny Skyz

4. Positive News

5. HuffPost Good News


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