Greetings and a few announcements

Happy holidays everyone! The most magical time of the year is upon us — or so they say — and I hope it feels that way to you, wherever you are.

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For me, December is a time to stand still and take stock of where I am in life. What have I accomplished in the past year? What would I like to do better next year? Do I have that light-at-heart feeling that puts me at peace with the world? Or am I hanging on to regret, fear, or guilt over one insignificant thing or another?

Personally, I’m proud to say I loosened my grip on two of those three things over the past year: Regret and guilt. They have no place in a happy household or a happy life. Vowing to live without them has made me more conscious of everything I say and do. It’s made sleep easier because I’m not constantly rationalizing or fretting over the day’s events in my head. It’s given that age-old advice about “picking your battles” a whole new appreciation because 99 percent of the time those “battles” seem like such anthills in hindsight anyway. And it’s helped me to appreciate the many wonderful things that I do have while I have them.


But there, with those last four words, appears that other feeling I’ve let breed rather than shrink this past year: fear. I could blame it on becoming a parent. I could blame it on reading the news. I could blame it on the state of the world. But mostly, I have to blame it on myself. And diminishing it is my number one resolution in 2016.

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For the next few weeks, however, I’m going to concentrate on the “magic” of December — the dazzling lights; the songs of peace and love; the sappy made for TV movies; the warm, holiday reunions; the bright, shining star illuminating the darkness; and now, my daughter’s face as these things begin to astonish and inspire her as they did for me so many years ago.

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What are your resolutions for 2016? What does the holiday season mean to you?

And now for a few end-of-the-year announcements:


Postcard - white border w NIEABecause it’s just not as much fun trying to wrap an e-book, I’ve dropped the paperback price of both Desperately Ever After and Damsels in Distress to $11.99 (originally $14.99). Plus, if you belong to Amazon Prime, they’re eligible for two-day shipping. Last minute gifts, anyone?



TCWfrontcover_500x750On Thursday, December 17, writer Maureen Lee Lenker will stop by to talk about her work and give away a copy of Then Comes Winter, a compilation of modern and Regency love stories perfect for keeping warm on a cold winter’s night. Fans of Jane Austen will especially love this!



I’ve received a lot of messages over the past few months asking when Book 3 will be out. First, I just want to say how wonderful that makes me feel! Any time I’m having a bad day, it’s a tremendous pick-me-up to hear that these characters mean as much to you as they do to me. So thank you a million times over.

As for the status, to call the past year unpredictable would be a massive understatement. At the outset, I had planned to have Skipping Midnight (working title) out this fall. But thanks to a slew of health issues and the adjustment to first-time motherhood, I’ve had to push that timeline back. Thankfully, I’m really excited about how it’s coming together, and the finish line is finally in sight. So … barring any major cosmic booby traps … and adding in time for cover design, revisions, and proofreading … I’m confident that you’ll have an opportunity to read the concluding Desperately Ever After book on the beach in 2016. Check back after the holidays for more about that.


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