The official bio:

Laura Kenyon is an award-winning journalist and the author of three novels, DESPERATELY EVER AFTER, DAMSELS IN DISTRESS, and SKIPPING MIDNIGHT. Her stories and articles have appeared in Kiwi Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Just Labs, Serendipity, The Improper Bostonian, InD’tale, and Westchester/Hudson Valley Weddings, as well as in myriad newspapers and at Her first book was a National Indie Excellence Awards chick-lit finalist. The Boston College graduate does not live in a castle, but has been blessed with a heroic prince charming, two beautiful princesses, and a noble steed.

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baby pic1982: Laura arrives sporting a full head of bright red hair. No one quite knows where this came from. Her mother credits orange soda and I Love Lucy marathons.

1984-1987: Laura’s parents provide her with three wonderful, rambunctious minions. She starts asking Santa for a dog as well.

1988-1997: Bullies on the school bus, mediocre sports skills, an obsession with alternative rock, and an atypical interest in learning. She lives for reading books, swimming on Cape Cod, and begging her parents for that dog.

yearbook1997-2001: By her own choosing, Laura attends an all-girls high school that requires her to wear a skirt. She’s not a skirt person. Especially in winter. But she makes lifelong friends who buy each other birthday balloons and like books as much as she does. She also discovers an unlikely talent for singing, but doesn’t realize how ridiculous her bangs look. No one lets her have a dog.

BC website2001-2005: High school gives way to Boston College. (Go Eagles!) Laura studies English and communications, sings in Ireland with the University Chorale, interns at The Improper Bostonian magazine, writes for The Heights, and spends an amazing semester learning about Jane Austen and the Brontës in England. She also meets a handsome stranger with a sweet smile and a yellow Labrador retriever. It’s meant to be.

2005: Despite winning a fellowship award in “writing for the print media,” Laura graduates Boston College without a job. Then one day, her mother sees an ad seeking a newspaper reporter in uber-rich New Canaan, Connecticut. She has no idea what she’s in for.

bio vertical2005-2008: While climbing from reporter to assistant editor of the New Canaan Advertiser (an unfortunate name that reflects its 1908 birth year), Laura spends 80 hours a week writing about municipal budgets, Gold Coast philanthropists, zoning violations, domestic violence, town council elections, and the merits of half-day vs. full-day kindergarten. Her articles earn awards from both the New England Press Association and the Society of Professional Journalists. She forgets how it feels to have evenings to herself, and dreads hearing her phone ring on the weekend.

2008-2009: Laura becomes the Advertiser’s first female editor in its 100-year history. She thinks this sounds pretty cool and, for a moment, believes all the late nights and nasty emails are worth it. That belief is fleeting.

2010: Shifting gears to become a full-time freelancer, Laura writes feature articles for regional and national magazines including Westchester, Just Labs, Kiwi, Westchester/Hudson Valley Weddings, and Serendipity. She also begins writing her first novel and FINALLY gets that puppy–an adorable silver Labrador retriever named Shadow. While she occasionally misses the adrenaline rush of Deadline Day, life is good.

Frisbee chew 1 (best)2012: With one novel in a drawer, Laura lands literary representation for her second book, DESPERATELY EVER AFTER. The first in a series she’s been writing in her head for years, it imagines what happened after true love’s kiss–with a Sex and the City twist. Shadow gets a cameo.

2013: Prick of the Spindle publishes Laura’s first short story, “Swampfront Luxury.” Champagne is poured. DESPERATELY EVER AFTER receives stellar feedback from the publishing industry’s “big five” but ultimately no one commits. Chocolate and wine come in handy. Rather than attempt small publishers, Laura decides to take matters into her own hands.

DEA1&22014: The first two books in the Desperately Ever After series hit the cyber shelves–DESPERATELY EVER AFTER in February and DAMSELS IN DISTRESS in August. Book One is named a 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards chick-lit finalist. In October, the e-book skyrockets to the top of Amazon’s charts, hitting #49 and becoming the #1 Best Seller in each of its three categories: Women’s Humorous Fiction, Women’s Fantasy Fiction, and Paranormal Fantasy. It’s a good start 😉