Psst… want to save some $$$?

The audio version of Damsels in Distress (Book 2) was released April 17, with Skipping Midnight coming out May 15. What better time to let you in on a few money-saving tips?

On the e-book:
Three years after blogging about Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook program, I’ve finally gotten with the program. Going forward, each purchase of a Desperately Ever After print book comes with the opportunity to add the Kindle version for just 99 cents. That’s right. No longer will my readers have to agonize between portable e-book and cozy paperback. Hey, in today’s crazy world, every bit of happiness counts. Am I wrong?

On the audiobook:
Aside from subscribing to Audible and listening in for free, Amazon’s Whispersync program allows anyone who has purchased the e-book to add audio for $7.49. Simply log in to the Amazon account you used to buy the e-book for details.


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