Halloween in the United Kingdoms of Marestam – costume roundup!

Happy Halloween everyone! 

In honor of this autumnal celebration, I thought it might be fun to imagine what the characters from the Desperately Ever After series would wear if they were taking part in tonight’s festivities. If, let’s say, the Charmés were hosting a charitable Halloween gala at Carpale Castle or Rapunzel decided to throw a Dance to Till You Die bash at her rooftop apartment?

Below are just a few of my predictions, but I’d love to hear yours as well! (Please keep in mind, I’m talking about the characters in the Desperately Ever After series … NOT the Disney films!!)



Between baking nut-free cupcakes for all of the kids’ school parties at school and making sure their outfits are in order, Cinderella is far too busy and flustered to think about her own costume. But when she finally does, it’s a no-brainer. She pieces together a few things from her closet and decides to be an explorer … because she still hopes she’ll get to travel the world someday. 



Belle isn’t a big fan of the year’s spookiest holiday because Julianne and her other sisters used it as an opportunity to torment her even more than usual. But Rapunzel convinces her that with everything she’s been through over the past year, and with all the changes she’s made, it’s only fitting that she put on a butterfly costume and have a little fun!



Rapunzel, who doesn’t need a socially accepted reason to dress up but enjoys Halloween anyway, spends several hours debating between a genuine nun’s costume (because it’s ironic) or a sexy devil’s. In the end, she decides on “naughty nun” because it’s the best of both worlds … and because she doesn’t mind ruffling a few feathers. 



In Dawn’s time, before her 300-year sleeping curse flung her into this century, Halloween was an unsavory night of mischief and begging. And while she knows fitting into this modern world means taking part its traditions, her 18th century sense of propriety forbids most of the commercial costumes aimed at women. Luckily, she sees something called a “southern belle” ensemble at a boutique on Fifth Avenue, and falls in love with the frills.



True to her overbearing mother-in-law nature, Queen Letitia chooses a costume for both Logan and Penelopea months in advance. Penny tries not to read too much into her choice — Royal Navy captain for Logan and his pirate wench captive prisoner for her — but it isn’t easy. 



Snow spends a week hand-sewing a fringe and tie-dye costume using all organic, environmentally sustainable cotton. She got the idea from an odd book of fairy tales that talked about a strange world with far fewer castles and a group of people known as “hippies.”

Please jot down your choices below. And have a fun, safe, happy Halloween 🙂


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