Mend a Broken Heart — blog tour & giveaway!

htmabhverticalbannerI’m very happy be participating in L.S. Parsons’ blog tour for her new book, How to Mend a Broken Heart, inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and set three years after Mr. Darcy’s disastrous marriage proposal to Elizabeth Bennet. Read on for a message from the author and a chance to win the book!


How to Mend a Broken Heart is Fitzwilliam Darcy’s story. It is the story of his quest to win the favorable regard of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, the woman he has never stopped loving. The fact that he is engaged to another lady does not impede his pursuit.

Through the many ironies of life, Elizabeth finds herself the guest of the Dowager Lady Matlock, Mr. Darcy’s aunt. Through her patronage, Elizabeth evolves from an avowed spinster to a woman ruled by desire and passion for a man she knows she cannot have.

Elizabeth is apprehensive about meeting Mr. Darcy again, due the rancor and bitterness of their last meeting three years prior. But the Mr. Darcy she encounters is not the same man she knew before. He is amiable, humourous, and extremely sexy. You need only look at the book’s cover for a visual aid!

It does not take long for the two of them to put aside their past and begin anew. Elizabeth senses an attraction to Darcy but believes she is safe from losing her heart to him. After all, he is engaged to another, the widow of an old friend. Elizabeth believes the scandals and tragedies that have ruled her life in the past few years would prevent any gentleman from forming an attachment to her, including Mr. Darcy.

What Elizabeth Bennet does not realize is that Mr. Darcy has begun to slowly seduce her. He has a second chance to win her, and he intends to make the most of it. Once he realizes he is still in love with Elizabeth, he had no desire for any other woman, including Virginia Wagstaff, his betrothed.

Darcy uses his charm and physical appeal to court Elizabeth. Raised a prim and proper young lady, she had never explored her sexual nature. The intense feelings Mr. Darcy stirs in her causes Elizabeth to question her future.

If you can handle angst and enjoy a bit of steam, I think you will enjoy my story. Find out how Darcy is able to dissolve the engagement and win Elizabeth’s heart.

How to Mend a Broken Heart is a non-canon variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and is intended for mature readers.


L.S. Parsons photoL. S. (LEE) PARSONS is recently retired from a major computer company where she was employed as an Information Technology Specialist. She lives with Sherman, her husband of thirty-plus years, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. They have one dog, Emmylou. Lee has been writing Pride and Prejudice fan fiction for more than ten years.

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6 responses to “Mend a Broken Heart — blog tour & giveaway!

  1. L. S (Lee) Parsons

    Laura, thank you for allowing me to give your readers a glimpse of my debut novel, How to Mend a Broken Heart.

  2. hoping the book gives us some idea what Elizabeth and the rest of the Bennets have been doing in the previous 3 years

  3. ColleenL

    EEK!!!! Sounds like quite the dashing Darcy! Sign me up for some angst! Congrats on the release

  4. Sounds like a somewhat different Darcy three years on. What a difference time and a rejected proposal has made. Looks like this will have rather a lot of angst before the HEA.

  5. Question to the author: Some writers describe themselves as planners, while others plunge right in to the writing. Would you consider yourself a planner or a plunger? Do you work from any kind of a plan?

    • L. S (Lee) Parsons

      A little of both. First I have an idea or ideas and then write them out. As I work. a plan usually evolves and an outline comes from that. My first draft of a project usually does not resemble the finished version as the characters start talking to me and tell what they should do or say as I go along or one scene spears another idea. The outline gets changed and modified and sometimes thrown out. Unfortunately, I would have to say I am a messy writer until I get a clear vision of what I want to say or have my characters say.

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