Need a Mother’s Day Gift? — Plus, it’s International Chick Lit Month!!

chick lit month - thursday

How many times has your mother poked fun at her “prince?” Called her home her “castle?” Or made light of the whole damsels-in-distress, knight-in-shining-armor, happily-ever-after fairy tale?

How many times has she said someone should write about what really happened to Cinderella down the road? Would her iconic ball gown still fit? Would she be happy with all her new responsibilities? How many kids would she have? Would “true love” endure?

And what about Beauty? How long would it take “Beast” to go right back to his old, wolfish ways after she broke his curse? Or Sleeping Beauty? I mean, what kind of man comes across a comatose woman in the woods and decides to kiss her, anyway?!

In honor of International Chick Lit Month and Mother’s Day, Desperately Ever After has been marked down in both print and e-book formats. So forget flowers. Make her laugh this year and stock her beach bag early–before the sequel, Damsels in Distress, hits the shelves in August.

dfw-lk-dea-cover-midClick here for Amazon US 

Click here for Amazon UK

Click here for more about the book 


While you’re browsing, celebrate Chick Lit Month with some great titles discounted down to just 99 cents. And don’t miss out on Thursday’s big Facebook party. Events all day!


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One response to “Need a Mother’s Day Gift? — Plus, it’s International Chick Lit Month!!

  1. Rhonda

    I’ve been reading raves about this book.

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