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Into the Woods trailer

Saw this on Thanksgiving and thought it looked AMAZING. One week later, cleansed of all the wine and tryptophan … I still do.

Coming Christmas Day. Have a peek 😉

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Free book alert: Swimming Upstream

Swimming Upstream coverFormer Skipping Midnight interviewee Ruth Mancini has a great offer going on that I felt it my literary duty to share. Her debut novel, Swimming Upstream, a finalist in the 2014 Kindle Book Awards, is free for Kindle on Amazon this week!


A brief summary:

“I once read that the end of a relationship is like being involved in a road traffic accident. Which is quite fitting really, given what happened.”

After seven years, Lizzie wonders whether she is truly happy with her long-term boyfriend. When one wrong step and a chance meeting set off an unexpected chain of events, her life starts breaking up. On the same day that she meets Martin, an attractive lifeguard, her old friend, Catherine, re-appears. But is Martin really all he seems? And what is the secret that Catherine is hiding? As Lizzie struggles to confront the ghosts of her past, can she survive the shocking twist that will change the course of her future?

Swimming Upstream is a life-affirming and often humorous story about getting over a relationship breakup. It is also a story about female friendship, love and divided loyalties – and the moral choices we find ourselves making when the chips are down.


If I didn’t already own a copy, I’d definitely pick one up. Follow the links below to snag yours:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Bonus: Click here to read Ruth’s interview from earlier this year.

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Just had to share – fairytale figurines

Blog - Disney characters

Someone very special picked these up for me the little one a few weeks ago. Talk about a perfect addition to her nursery … since that’s where I tend to do 90 percent of my work these days anyway!

Can’t wait to watch her spin her own stories with them someday 😉

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November 10, 2014 · 12:41 PM

Contest alert: Desperately Ever After and Once Upon a Time giveaway!!

A few months ago, Chick Lit Central recommended the Desperately Ever After series for anyone suffering from “Once Upon a Time withdrawal” during the summer break. So with OUAT returning in twelve days and the print version of Book Two (Damsels in Distress) hitting the cyber bookshelves today, it seemed the perfect time for a little giveaway magic!

Up for grabs: one signed copy of Damsels in Distress and a brand new DVD of Once Upon a Time’s first season.

To enter, click here or on the graphic below. The giveaway runs through September 28, when the people of Storybrooke officially return. (My apologies, but due to shipping costs and the format of the DVD format, only U.S. addresses are eligible.) Best of luck!!

blog giveaway


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What if Disney princes were real??

Guarantee #1: They’re handsome
Guarantee #2: They can sing (and dance)
Guarantee #3: They aren’t quite as dreamy as you imagined

Ever stopped to think about what was really going on in those fairy tales?

If you like this, check out Desperately Ever After. You may never see Beast, Sleeping Beauty, or Prince Charming’s find-me-a-wife ball the same way again!

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Giveaway ends noon Friday

The wonderful Danielle Poiesz has been kind enough to celebrate the release of Damsels in Distress with an interview and giveaway!!

She asks some fantastic questions about the future of the series, and is offering two copies of Desperately Ever After (Book One). All you have to do is name your favorite prince or princess. (And apparently, Xena warrior princess counts!)

Check it out here: Reading Between the Lines


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Chick Lit Central hosts first Damsels giveaway

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.14.53 PMBook Two in my Desperately Ever After series will be unleashed in just a few days, but Chick Lit Central (a phenomenal site for fans of women’s fiction) has gotten a head start. In today’s post, I talk to them about this blog, discuss the upcoming Damsels in Distress,  give a few hints about the future of the series, and offer up a “reader’s choice” copy of the yet-to-be released title.

The giveaway ends Monday, so shuffle on over 😉

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Fond farewell & giveaways galore

The literary world will be so sorry to see her go, but Shaz Goodwin is leaving Fiction Addition Blog Tours with a bang!

Check out her 1000-plus Facebook “likes” celebration. And enter the biggest book giveaway of the summer!!

Click for details

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Q&A (and giveaway!) with author Laura Brown

Lila's Choice CoverI’m very happy to welcome Laura Brown to the blog today. Laura is the author of the chick lit romance, Lila’s Choice

She has also been generous enough to offer one e-copy of her book to a lucky reader. After the interview, leave a comment for the chance to win!


You described Lila’s Choice, as a chick lit romance involving high school teachers. What else can you tell us about the story?

I always stumble over my words when I describe my novel without my blurb, so I’ll let my blurb speak for me:

Laura BrownNever let your friends get involved in your personal life. Lila and Nate learn this the hard way. They are the star-crossed lovers of Glendale High. For three years the students have waited for the two to get together. They begged Nate to put his past relationship behind him, and cringed when Lila started dating Bryce. Just your typical teenage romance, except they’re the teachers.

Lila, a guidance counselor with a sweet demeanor, has an answer for every problem, every problem but her own. A visit from childhood friend Bryce thrusts her calm world into turmoil, as emotions buried deep inside are dragged to the surface. He soon realizes what only a friend can notice and a lover regret, that Lila, unbeknownst to herself, is in love with Nate.

Nate has seen better days. He is a history teacher stuck living in the past. Depression has kept his love for Lila unspoken, his ego frail after being cheated on.

Now Lila and Nate’s coworkers must unleash a scheme and uncover Lila’s true feelings. In a school this nosey what better way to get fast results than to involve the student population? The students are all too eager to get involved.

If everything goes as planned Lila will have to choose between two men. If her friends fail they might destroy these three and ruin their friendship. No wonder the scheme is called Project Torture. Continue reading

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Fiction Addiction Book Tours : Charlotte’s Restrained by Celia Kennedy

Celia Kennedy’s debut novel, Charlotte’s Restrained, goes on tour this week with the wonderful Fiction Addiction Blog Tours. And while summer may be winding down, there’s still plenty of time for a few good books!

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