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The science behind fairy tales

I am not a science person. Humanities, writing, the arts–that’s me, through and through. Start talking formulas and numbers and medical compounds, and I’ll last a few polite minutes before I completely mentally check out.

But when someone finds a way to make science fun–to apply it to things we know well, in a way that is amusing and informative at the same time–then I just might stick around a bit longer.

The folks over at have done a pretty good job of that. By putting some of our most beloved fairy tales under a microscope, they’ve come up with some pretty interesting ideas about what that apple really did to Snow White, how a prince could have actually turned into a beast, and why the Magic Mirror is truly more fact then fiction. (As for the latter, if you’ve started reading Desperately Ever After yet, you’ve already begun to suspect this.)

Click here to read the full article.

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Happy Tuesday

Mortal_Arts_final_coverI had such a blast yesterday engaging with everyone on Twitter and giving away FIVE e-books!

Congratulations to the Big Release Celebration winners: Jessica Meddick, Melodie Bennett, Tawnya Bentley, Deejay Sakata, and Susan Terendy.

Stop by Skipping Midnight tomorrow for an interview with the fabulous Anna Lee Huber, as well as a giveaway of her second book, Mortal Arts. Truth: I didn’t know about the Lady Darby historical mystery series until an author friend hooked us up, but now I am dying to read it. Guess I need to plan a vacation so I can get some quality book time in…

In the meantime, my Goodreads author page is up and running, so please stop by and say hello.

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A case for the 1990s (and giveaway winners)

Thanks a million to A.L. Waddington for stopping by this week and talking about her new EVE series. There were some fantastic answers to her question — If you were to live in two different time periods, what two eras would you choose and why? — with the most popular being the 1920s, 1960s, and Recency England. Huzzah for Jane Austen!

(I just picked the winners of her ESSENCE giveaway out of a nice blue bowl, so Tiffany Dominguez, Emily Charpentier, and Cosegrove Julia, check your email shortly.)

For me, being a woman made A.L.’s question more difficult. As romantic as Regency England sounds, being forced to marry for money sounds like Hell on Earth, and I treasure not having to walk outside to use the bathroom.

The Roaring ’20s is tempting, but personally I’d jump past World War II and go for the 1950s — poodle skirts and the birth of Rock & Roll, baby!

Then for my second option, I’m going to say the 1990s. Yes, the 1990s. True, I was a teenager then, so perhaps I was just sheltered … but that was before the real estate bubble burst, before 9/11 changed everything, and before social media turned privacy into a dirty word. We still had these cool new things called “Instant Messaging” and “E-mail,” putting us in touch with the world like never before, but we didn’t eat dinner with our smart phones in our laps, and our children weren’t tweeting with total strangers (or schoolyard bullies).

Plus, we still had modern medicine, hot water still came with the turn of a knob, and MTV actually played music videos. What wasn’t to love?


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Books provide SHelf Help for the winter blues

ID-10065957Are you feeling blue today?

With spring months away and no more holiday lights to distract us,  mid-January can seem … well … bleak. For many, this is the heyday of seasonal affective disorder–that quarterly depression that my mother thinks is hooey and that I combat with a sunlight desk lamp.

I’m not going to contribute to the myriad articles out there suggesting you:
• invest in light therapy (mine was a gift),
• pester your doctor for Zoloft (pills ain’t the answer, man),
• sprint around the block every time you want a cookie (though I’ve done it; it sorta works),
• or nix the coffee (it suppresses serotonin, which is bad; but it also makes me less like the Incredible Hulk in the morning, which is good).

However, as a writer who can attest to the therapeutic benefits of the pen (or keyboard, or iPad, or whatever), I WILL suggest that you follow Vintage Book’s lead and seek solace between the pages of a book. And I do not mean the sort of book you find in the dreaded self-help aisle.  What I mean is more along the lines of … wait for it … SHelf Help 😉 Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!!

I hope you all have a wonderful, restful holiday filled with love, laughter, and good food 🙂

And seriously, do you see the similarities? Desperately Ever After was bound to happen sooner or later. Check back soon for my BIG COVER REVEAL!

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“Newsies” two-for-one sale ends tomorrow

I used to be a huge Broadway buff.

Whenever I saw a show (with the exception of a rare few that just didn’t do it for me), I left with a massive smile plastered across my face and palms sore from clapping so hard. In high school, I acted in musicals. In addition to my regular friends, I had a circle of “drama friends” with whom I can recall singing passionately along to “Rent” for no other reason than someone had a CD player and the soundtrack and we had nothing better to do.

As I grew up and had to start paying for tickets on my own, however, my love for musicals suffered. Who in their right mind can afford to pay $190 per ticket just to go see a Wednesday matinee with friends? Were tickets always this expensive? Are deals harder to find than they used to be?

Alas, these are questions I cannot answer. But while I ponder them, and consider whether $82.50 (including fees) is discount enough to fund the reproduction of my beloved childhood obsession, “Newsies,” I wanted to spread the word.  Continue reading

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