What Romance Really Means After 10 Years of Marriage

lovers imageIt’s 11 p.m. My adorable menace is sprawled out like a drunk freshman in her crib. My dog, who’s still coming to terms with said menace’s arrival, is seeking solace in a ball at my feet. My husband is in the next room watching what sounds like a particularly terrifying episode of The Walking Dead. And despite accomplishing a fraction of what I intended before the day’s exhaustion set in, I’m capping the pen for the night.

But in honor of Valentine’s Day, I must first pass on Heather Havrilesky’s hilarious article for New York Magazine about the true definition of ‘romance.” Hint: It goes a heck of a lot further than the credits in a Rachel McAdams movie.

One of my favorite lines: “When it’s 10 p.m. and you crawl into bed like two old people and tell each other about the weird things that your kids said that day and laugh and tell stupid jokes and giggle and then maybe you feel like making out or maybe you just feel like playing a quick game of Candy Crush, all the while saying things like, ‘This game is stupid, it sucks’ and ‘Your feet are freezing’ and ‘My ass hurts,’ that’s romantic.”

Granted, her marriage still has three years on mine, but the sentiment still resonates — freezing feet and all 😉

Check it out: What Romance Really Means After 10 Years of Marriage


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  1. rgdole

    So I’m only like at year 5 so I feel like we’re kind of in the middle here… we still have those newly wed lovey dovey stalkerish moments (mainly from me)… but we’re also pretty relaxed, and my husband does have to play his little phone game before bed and when he wakes up in order to make him happy… and I have to sit there and wait for it to be done… but then again I talk non stop and he patiently listens to every minute detail of my extremely boring days… so there’s a trade off… though comparing to this article it’s my husband who loves the dog to the point I wish he greeted me like that… she gets fluffs and cuddles and happy greetings and I get “I’m tired when’s dinner?”… but I do agree that some people think marriage is supposed to be like a romantic comedy 24/7 and that would just be exhausting… I’m happy knowing we’re secure together and that I can just be myself no matter what that is around him and he can do the same…

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