One little way we can help

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A very good friend of mine stumbled upon this campaign, through Facebook, to donate baby carriers to Syrian refugees landing in Greece.

We’ve all seen the horrible pictures, and many of us (myself included) have lost sleep wondering what in the world we can do to help. I can only imagine how terrified and alone these parents must feel trekking across Europe, clutching the ONLY things that matter in their arms, desperate for a miracle. If not for themselves, then for their children.

As the mother of a fiercely independent toddler, I see these people as super heroes — both from a physical standpoint (the last time I had a limber back was in 2013) and an emotional one. (Just try explaining to a cranky toddler why she can’t get down … or cuddle in her bed … or eat …)

There seems little an ordinary person can do from  5,000 miles away. But hope can spring from the unlikeliest of places. And while many aspects of social media seem to be corroding humanity (IMHO), others are actually elevating it.

This mission to ease the minds and backs of refugees is one of those instances (like this one of a father selling pens for his family) where social media actually gives me a little more faith in humanity. I like that everyday people can make a difference from so far away, especially when our political leaders aren’t. I like knowing exactly who, and how, the money is helping. I like not worrying about how much of my donation is being diverted to pay for administrators, advertising, etc.

While I don’t know the organizers of this particular campaign in any way (SEE UPDATE BELOW), it’s been spotlighted by the Huffington Post and I have no doubt it’s legit.

My apologies for ending my blog’s silence with a post that has nothing to do with writing, Desperately Ever After, or fairy tales. But I need to revisit my journalist roots once in a while, so they don’t completely rust. And who knows? Perhaps it will help facilitate a few happily ever afters.

Link: Baby Carriers for Syrian Refugees in Kos

UPDATE: Not long after this post went live, the founder of the campaign, Cristal Munoz-Logothetis, posted a message (see below) assuring me that “every penny will be spent directly on getting carriers to these refugees in need throughout Greece.” She also let me know that Skipping Midnight is one of the top five donation sources. So thank you all for being so amazing and so generous!



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2 responses to “One little way we can help

  1. Dear Laura,
    My name is Cristal Munoz-Logothetis, and I am the proud creator of this campaign! I would like to thank you for sharing my efforts on your page. You will be happy to hear that according to the Indiegogo Statistics, you are one of the top 5 sources of donations for our campaign!
    I am very grateful for the faith that you and your readership has placed in this campaign, and I would like to assure you that every penny will be spent directly on getting carriers to these refugees in need throughout Greece!
    P.S. I have a major #AuthorCrush on you! Please don’t stop writing EVER!

    • Cristal – I am SO happy to hear that!! Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I saw your comment right before heading to bed last night, and it definitely helped me sleep a little easier. You are doing a remarkable thing. It’s too bad the world can’t be a more peaceful place, but it would be far worse off without people like you. I’m more than happy to spread the word any way I can.
      P.S. I won’t!!

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