Take a peek inside my writing room — via Novelicious

My Writing Room picture - Kenyon
Sometimes it’s one-fingered on an iPad in the nursing chair. Sometimes it’s while tossing a ball for my dog in the back yard. Sometimes it’s on the kitchen counter, jotting a few sloppy words between recipe steps and lunging to reset my daughter’s baby radio every 49 seconds – to avoid a complete, non-cooking-related meltdown. And once in a while, on those rare days when everything actually goes according to plan, it’s in my home office while the little one slumbers and my dog curls peacefully at my feet. That’s the dream, anyway.

Right now, while working on the third book in my Desperately Ever After series, my “writing room” is wherever I can spare time for a thought and a scribble. That’s because in addition to being an author, I’m also learning how to be mother to a five-month-old girl and playmate to a woefully neglected (though really not at all!) tornado of a labrador named Shadow. Suddenly, two hands are a luxury and I’ve read The Little Engine That Could ten times for every chapter I’ve actually written. Who am I kidding? Every PAGE I’ve written.  Continue reading


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