Q&A with bestselling author Cindi Madsen — and a price drop!

Cinderella Screwed Me OverCindi Madsen is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels. Her latest, Cinderella Screwed Me Over, caught my eye because of its reference to a fairy tale icon and because … well, the title is just hilarious.

I’m delighted to welcome her here today. Enjoy!

With so many novels to your name, in both YA and adult, it’s difficult to focus on just one! But what can you tell us about your latest creation, Cinderella Screwed Me Over?

One day I was taking to a friend about expectations of relationships versus the reality if them. I said, yeah, Cinderella really screwed us over. Right then I knew I wanted to wright a book that poked fun of fairytales, while also being one.


cindi madsenWhat do think people will love most about this book? What do you love about it?

I love the case studies that compare her exes to fairytale princes and detail why they don’t actually work. I hope people will love that, and also love the romance of course.

In the spirit of Desperately Ever After, I must ask: If you had to choose, which fairy tale character (doesn’t have to be a princess and doesn’t have to be Disney), would you be and why?

Well, I’d like the flawless hair that comes, even underwater, & I’d like woodland creatures to do my chores. I guess I’ll go with the modern day Rapunzel. She’s got spunk & Eugene’s pretty dreamy. My daughters told me I’m like Anna in Frozen, because she asks why her sister couldn’t have tropical powers & I hate the cold.


You say on your blog that you spend lots of time falling in love with your characters. Are there any characters in particular that you can’t get enough of?

Every time I’m working on a novel, those characters become my favorite, because I’m living & breathing them, along with falling in love with them. I will say that I fell so hard for my characters Troy and Summer in my Cipher series that I wrote three books about them.

Even with an imprint like Amazon’s Entangled, it’s often hard to get your titles out there. How do you make sure your work reaches its target audience?

That’s always tricky. I think it’s hard work put in by myself, my editors, publisher, and publicist, and then a bit of luck & magic. Then it’s finding amazing readers who’ve stuck with me, read my books, & encourage others to read them. Those people rock & deserve big hugs and perfect shoes that never hurt their feet!


A writer’s life is certainly not an easy one—from rejections to dwindling sales, to tough reviews, and so on. How did you get through the bad days?

Music, Mountain Dew, amazing family & friends. And even on the hard days, the cool thing is you’ve still got these characters you wrote an entire story about. Sometimes we forget how amazing that is. No one can ever take that from you.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve received that you can share with aspiring writers?

Get honest critique partners who genuinely want you to succeed, and never give up. Put those together and you’ll be amazed what you can do.


What can fans expect from you next?

Ready to Wed comes out July 22, 2014. It’s in the same vein as Cinderella Screwed Me Over, and is a romantic comedy about a wedding planner who gets stood up for her own wedding. I hope to make my readers laugh and swoon.


In addition to her website, cindimadsen.com, be sure to keep up with Cindi on Twitter (@CindiMadsen) and Facebook. You can also email her at info (at) cindimadsen (dot) com. 

Right now, her book is on a special price drop at both Amazon.com (US) and Amazon.co.uk (UK).


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  1. I agree that fairy tales give girls unrealistic expectations–c’mon Cinderella, who marries a guy after three brief dates?? I loved the YA book Just Ella, so I know I will enjoy Cindi’s book as well:)

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