When your toddler knows Tolstoy better than you do…

Bassinet? Check.

Crib? Check.

Stroller? Check.

Jane Eyre for babies? You betcha!

While flipping through my issue of Kiwi Magazine the other day, hours after finally starting my own ever-daunting baby registry, I came across something that I simply had to share. It’s called BabyLit, and it’s a phenomenal way to  introduce your little bibliophile-to-be to the world of classic literature.

The illustrated board books take on masters like Twain, Austen, Tolstoy, and Shakespeare–all while teaching kids how to count and identify colors. Check out the great selection of titles, almost all priced at $9.99, at babylit.com.



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7 responses to “When your toddler knows Tolstoy better than you do…

  1. wehed2000

    Thanks Laura! What a great idea. This also seems like a great way for parents to brush up on the gist of the old classics before its time to help with book reports a few years down the road 😉

  2. Karen Klein

    Thank you Laura! I have 2 grandsons (one 4months, the other 6months) and I would love to pass along my love of reading to them. What a fantastic way for me to do this!

  3. Thanks for the link–my daughter is a college freshman who loves the classics–the posters and playsets are great. She plans to buy the books for her future children:)

  4. marisa

    I just saw this — we all freaked out in the office when we heard about these. book nerds unite!

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