Ode to a New Year

Shadow with Christmas treeSometimes, the best days are those during which absolutely nothing happens. This weekend, I could think of nothing better than sitting beside the Christmas tree, clicking away on my laptop while Hubby watched football by my side and Puppy cuddled near the crackling wood stove.

Of course, if this was an everyday occurrence, I might be bored out of my mind (as it is, my mind finds resting on often impossible task). But as 2013 draws to a close, I find myself at peace and grateful for so many things: a family reconnection in Ireland, Christmas lights, an enchanted week in Kauai, a dear old friend’s wedding, an afternoon stroll with my husband and our adorable dog. But even as I say goodbye to the year that brought me those memories, I’m thrilled over the promise of 2014.

There is my book, which in just a month will finally be out there for everyone to read. Finally, the characters who have become more real to me than a sane person dare admit will finally come alive for others as well.

There are some amazing and humbling developments in my personal life, which will undoubtedly make their way onto this blog as the weeks pass. But for now, my brain is still processing all that they mean.

And there is this blog, which went through a wonderful revamp earlier this year and has been making new friends left and right. I’ve met so many amazing readers and writers through Skipping Midnight, and am honored to have a full slate of giveaways and interviews planned for 2014.

For starters:
– Julie Anne Lindsey on New Year’s Day
– Kerry Schafer on January 8
– Mari Passananti on January 15
– A.L. Waddington on January 22
– Ruth Mancini on January 29

So mark your calendars and come back often for a little inspiration, some free stuff, and musings on what I believe will be a phenomenal year for us all.

What does your 2014 look like?


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