“Once in a Lifetime” opportunity

On this glorious post-Turkey Day morning, chances are you’re doing one of three things:

1 – Sprinting through the aisles at Target for the last iPad Air, shouting “Survival of the fittest!” as you snatch a pink leopard print Smart Case from a little girl because, well, your niece would just adore it and you  have years of unwanted scarves to make up for.

2 – Sweating off those five glasses of pinot noir, late-night whiskey tasting, and/or and ill-conceived attempt to leave not one single dessert untasted. (After all, Aunt Mildred and Gamma Dot slaved over that hot stove for hours. It’s the least you could have done…)

3 – Diving into a good book, sporadically glancing at your smartphone (just in case those shoes you really wanted go on sale), catching up with family, and generally enjoying the fact that it’s a long weekend and it’s now officially okay to listen to Christmas music.

As someone who hates malls, outgrew college binge drinking… umm… let’s just say “a few” years ago, and finally came to terms with the convenience of having a Kindle (though that will NEVER stop me from having wall-to-wall books), I’ll be doing the latter.

At the moment, I’m flying through Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, which I’ve been meaning to read for a while now. And that’s a good thing because come Sunday, I’m planning on filling my nights with one fractured fairy tale after another.

“Once in a Lifetime,” featuring works from bestselling authors Rashelle Workman, Chanda Hahn, Marie Hall and Cameron Jace, comes out December 1. It’s a box set galore, featuring tales about a bloodthirsty Snow White, a curse-breaking descendant of the Brothers Grimm, fairy tale creatures buried in dreams, and Captain Hook like you’ve never seen him before.

What’s more, it’s 99 cents. 99 CENTS! Seriously, you probably lost more than that when you passed out on the couch during that turkey/whiskey/pinot  coma. What do you have to lose?


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