Breaking into the dog magazine market

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 2.22.07 PMMore than two years ago (that long?!), I wrote an article on my “other” blog about a poor little puppy named Angel who was born with two broken forearms. (Click here to see original post)

It was heart-wrenching, watching the videos of her swim across the floor, screaming in pain. Nothing could have made it worse – not even the fact that she was a half-sister to my own beloved dog Shadow. It was just horrible. Plain and simple.

But unlike other breeders, who might have whipped out the calculator and decided Angel just wasn’t worth saving, Janet Wilson at Blue Diamond Breeding decided to do something. She started making phone calls and calling in favors and pasting labels on collection cans. One fortunate coincidence followed another (enough for some to call them miracles) and…

Well, you’ll just have to read the rest in the September/October issue of Just Labs magazine. That’s right! I’m extremely excited and honored to be included in this wonderful magazine. More to come!

And sorry for the teaser 😉


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