It’s out!

This month’s Prick of the Spindle is out, and guess whose name is in the table of contents… Right next to the story called Swampfront Luxury

Give up?

Well, go find out! You can see it for free here or buy it for the Kindle here.

This is a big deal to me because it’s my first official break into the world of fiction! (Okay that’s a lie. My first break was landing my amazing agent, Michelle Brower. But this is a close second!) As much as I love talking to real people and telling their stories for magazines and newspapers, there’s something truly amazing about crafting an entire world and piecing together characters  in your head. If anything, it verifies that I’m not just a crazy person who talks to herself and hyper-analyzes the way your husband hails a cab. I’m an artist 😉

So read up, enjoy, and tell all your friends! Comments are very, very welcome.


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