Blog Hop for Valentine’s Day

Just three days until the fabulous Heather Webb’s “Where’s the Love?” blog hop!

Stop by  February 14-15 to read a short scene from my current WIP, book two of the not-yet-released DESPERATELY EVER AFTER series. I promise there will be sexual tension 😉

You can indulge, comment, and then hop around to the other writers’ sites (as will I) and nibble on some more. After all, what is Valentine’s Day about if not sampling? Sampling chocolates… sampling lips… sampling fantasies…

Other participants as of now:
Janet B. Taylor
Candie Campbell
Kris Waldherr
Tonia Marie Harris
Janet Oakley
Donna Barker
Julianne Douglas
Betsy Ashton
Jess Shira

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February 11, 2013 · 12:22 PM

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