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Welcome to National Novel Writing Month

Image courtesy of Felixco, Inc. /

Image courtesy of Felixco, Inc. /

Think you can write 50,000 words in a month?

No, they can’t be the same words repeated over and over again, Bart Simpson. But a bona fide novel? What’s so hard? After all, you must have survived at least one 2,000-word term paper all-nighter… pounding Red Bull and chewing on your hair while your roommate snored away… stumbling up to class the next day looking like you spent the night trapped in a bunker with a rabid raccoon.

All you’d have to do to participate in National Novel Writing Month is repeat that daily from today until November 30. Heck, you’d even have five days to spare. Psht. Child’s play.

Hold up there, Hemingway. Continue reading



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Revision Vision

I finished the second book in the Desperately Ever After series over the holidays, and now it’s on to those wonderful weeks of revising.

Luckily, while I sometimes want to throw my computer at the wall, I do in some sick and twisted way love revising. This is when the layers really start to emerge.

For me, the first draft puts me at JFK airport on a two-hour layover. The second, third, and come-what-may drafts get me out onto the streets, strolling Riverside Park at sunset, smelling the chestnuts at the corner of 43rd and Madison, soaking in the lights at Times Square, riding the glass elevators in the Marriott… you get the idea. Continue reading


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